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We are a team of highly trained skincare and massage specialists who have created some of the best spas in Hong Kong. Over the years, through our creation in these brands, we developed our own philosophy on how to use our art to help people relax. We discovered that true relaxation is often NOT achieved by luxurious facilities, expensive deco and lengthy therapeutic procedures. Short periods of total and complete rest in the middle of your day can do magic to your concentration and energy level. Scientists have proven that a complete rest for only 20 min is equivalent for 6 hours of sleep.


To do that, you need a space where you are protected from the daily onslaught of information and humdrum. You need a sanctuary where you can feel you are being cared for. Our mission is to give that to you.


Our name Mia comes from the Chinese word 密, which means both “secret” and “intimate”.  We want it to be a place when you are temporarily isolated from everything else, where you can regenerate and recharge by our effective skincare and massage treatments, and simply by spending a period of quality time with yourself. It is your own personal, secret oasis.  

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