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You are a busy man or woman, living in a city that just won’t slow down. Embraced in a haven of serenity, you will quickly forget that your office is just a stone’s throw away. Mia’s tranquil, minimalist setting will take you on a personal journey of wellbeing and relaxation.

Welcome to the new oasis created by the team that brought you some of the most celebrated day spas of this city.


Our therapeutic experiences are designed to nourish your skin, ease your tense body and calm your mind. They are tailored for effective and successful persons like you: compatible with your busy schedule, they are designed to fit your short lunch or inter-meeting breaks. We understand even a complete rest for 20 min will make a dramatic difference to your day.  


Mia offers a range of exquisite signature treatments, delivered by a team of highly-trained therapists, to ensure you are regenerated and cared for, so that you are ready for your next big project.


At Mia, getting a massage and body treatment can be as simple and accessible as getting a cup of coffee.

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